Poetry is rhythmic flow of intense feelings and thoughts


Written By: Mohanchand - Jan• 18•11

 A poet fights for noble ends

Before the unjust he never bends

Poetry is rhythmic flow of intense feelings. Prosody and rhetoric provide tools for practicing poetry writing; but very fine feelings, emotions and sentiments can make a good poet. A person with noble heart can easily become a poet. The great poets are noble at heart, love humanity and nature. They try to evolve beauty in all beautiful and ugly looking things, through their language.

Traditionalist, Modernist and Post-modernist are just classifications in Time. The stream of poetry is continuous.

Indian poetry is enriched by great seers, saints, sages, devotees, thinkers and scholars from various walks of life. From Pre-Vedic, Upanishadic periods till the modern periods, forms have changed but soul of poetry remains the same, uniting the Indian Culture with Universal Culture, preaching Universal Love –

“All those living on the earth are one family”

“Vasudeva kutumbakam

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‘Poets are unacknowledged legislators of the world’ – P.B. Shelly

 In a mind filled with filth and quagmire

 good thoughts  bloom like lotus flower

and make it beautiful to the beholder

                                           -   Mohanchand Patil

Had one not taken birth on the earth,

The life in universe should have been short of one’s experience.

                                          -  Mohanchand Patil

Poems fall in heart and mind

wafting in air up and down

Like maple leaves land on ground

                                            - Mohanchand Patil




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