Poetry is rhythmic flow of intense feelings and thoughts


Written By: Mohanchand
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  1. vivek mahale says:

    super. Wish u all the best sir.

  2. HP Soni says:

    Hi Patil,

    I knew you as a Poet but the material i saw on this site is really Treasure.

    I wish you touch more and more heights in this area.


    HP Soni

  3. Kartic says:

    Patil, good one…My best wishes. Thanks for sharing. That’s the advantage of having a software engineer in the family…

  4. Lokesh poudyal says:

    As A Poet None Can Compete, though i got a page still might b late.fellings mixed with ink nt heals bt got links. thanks

  5. Dear Shri. Mohanchand Ji!Namashkar
    Please add Seshendra Sharma , an eminent poet , my father to your esteemed website.
    Thank you / Regards

    Seshendra is a colossus of modern Indian Poetry. His literature is a unique blend of the best of poetry and poetics. His poetry website
    Seshendra : Visionary poet of the millennium
    This site presents essence of the millennium in a powerful poetic style.

  6. Huzaifa Haryanawala says:

    How to be a member?

  7. Channakeshav Adya says:

    I read a few of your poems. They reflect a lot of depth, understanding and sensitivity of your experiences. A delight to read.
    All the best.

    Ex-BILT, Binaga.

  8. Visited your site.Found a poet of true essence

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