Poetry is rhythmic flow of intense feelings and thoughts

My Quatrains

Written By: Mohanchand

Little Drops                                     


Quatrains By –Mohanchand Patil


In the ocean of poetry
I am a little drop
Condensation and evaporation
Will never stop


Swans in lake are quiet
So cool is a noble poet
In life he never bends
Before unethical ends



Everyone is busy in building

A house of cement and steel

But there is no time for building

A home filled with love and feel.



Let the love go along the wind

There is always someone to inhale

Let hatred come out along the wind

There is always someone to exhale



There is always a whisper of love

In the ether in vacuum of space

Those vibrant sounds of love

In magnetic waves you can trace

In the hush of voice, in the hush in space.



There is a soup of love in ones heart

To someone it is sweet to some tart

When both feel the same taste

To get closure less time they waste



God might have first created man

 He felt something was missing

That is Love. Then he created woman

and planted in hearts  a beautiful  feeling

to be shared and to be cared





Ring the Love in, ring the hate out

Ring the peace in, ring the terror out

Ring the honesty in dishonesty out

Ring the right in, ring the wrong out

With sunrise in east, sunset in west



There is only one thing

takes one high and high above

makes one a supreme being

whose heart is full of love.



In heart when love happens

A mysterious feeling deepens

A thirst that cannot be quenched

Even the heart is wrenched



Relations are built

By love from heart

If there is feel of guilt

Relations fall apart



First we love the beauty in skin

And in due course we commit sin

Later we awake when skin wears

And in our heart the sin remains.

Love tries to win over the skin.



With every birth the skin grows

In each pore, the sin it harbours

Until in each pore is lit

The Light of Love bit by bit



Our love is always chained and bound

In the maize of social mores and ethics

But pure Love lives yonder the logics

Always free unchained and unbound



If you do not “Love Thy Neighbour”

All men will die in war

All women will bear in peace

Children for the next war




In meditation, many grope for God.

In search of the way to His abode

He will not tell the way

Many ways many say

go inward or outward

He is a catalyst between anode and cathode

Our search is on towards His mysterious abode



When In mind and body

A gust of lust blows

In heart a soothing  remedy

An elixir of love flows



In a comedy of Love

Love wins over lust the mortal

In a tragedy of love

Love suffers to be immortal



In cool morn in warm sun

On flowers sparkle the dews

On canvass of the evening sky

Rainbows bend in seven hues



The Ganga flows from Gangotri

From ages and gets polluted

By the ignorant humanity

But her love flows uninterrupted



In the cool Himalayan mountains

Wisdom of love and peace remains

Frozen and professed since ages

By enlightened saints and sages



The love of Meera for Kanha

Akkamahadvi for Mallikarjuna

Was fathomless and seamless

For them even one life was less



Love, O blithe spirit

Take off to the orbit

Beyond the sun you traverse

From universe to universe



There is no love in beauty

But there is beauty in love

Whoever is dear to you

Looks beautiful in love



In bacterium, atom or human

Love splits into cells and multiplies.

To be speckless and seamless One

all bacteria atoms humans it unifies.

Love is so harmonious and fabulous.



Love remains young in heart

until the last beat

Love remains warm In body

until it loses its heat



We all come in and go away

From the world as single

B’cause of love for one another

In this world we mingle



In the process of creation

First darkness was created

Then light, then matter, then

In spirit love was implanted




Not created by the God nor the Satan

There are only two castes in human

Race: one following clean practices

Another not following clean practices



In a simple principle of live and let live

There is compassion for all

In a simple of principle of non-violence

There is love for all



In a mind filled

with filth and quagmire

good thoughts  

bloom like lotus flower



Had one not taken birth

on earth, the life in universe

should have been short

of one’s experience



Poems fall in heart and mind

wafting up and down

on streams of wind

Like leaves land on ground



From a broken heart love drips

Down the welled-up eyes

On the pale cheeks tear trips

Burning the heart in heavy sighs



A galaxy is being hatched

In the nursery of universe

Where Hubble can’t reach

In the dense dark space



Love story of Romeo & Juliet

remains young forever

‘cause they died young in love

Brought two families together



In the love of two swans

We feel purity of love

In the love of widow/er swan

We feel tragedy of love



We wish our nation to be a paradise

Praise with so many good adjectives

A land coveted by one and all to live

But a nation is built by men of good motives



There is something

That makes us to think and write

There is nothing to think and write

Without that something


Body will be lost in dust
Breath in air and heat in fire
Water in atmosphere
‘I’ will be lost in the Naught


When life lives on life
There is a great strife
By the prey to survive
Preys die, winners live



The disastrous earth quake

May be nature’s calamity

Will to help will never shake

Humanity crosses borders of enmity



Clouds clasp mountain

Mountains aim at sky

Mind clouds our soul

Souls for self realisation try



With every marriage anniversary
Wed- lock becomes stronger
By mutual faith, trust and loyalty
Love-lock remains younger


Everybody wants to say something

That is listened hardly

Somebody wants to write something

That is read rarely.




The sun rise and sun set

Are no longer a myth

Earth rotates west to east

In light of Sun is the truth

In a stream that flows to your end

A boat of my love do I send

Park it in your heart till I send

Another boat of love to your end

To this love we never put an end

You go on receiving I go on sending

Truth is beauty; Beauty is truth
Truth or Beauty can exist.
Truth is not Lie; Lie is not truth
Truth and Lie co-exist.


Across oceans in secs does it sail

Cutting across sun rain or hail

Reaches your in box without fail

Before love becomes frail I mail

Again. To keep love warm is our grail

In hearts of my out-box and your in-box.



It is not just muscles or nerves or blood

That keep heart and brain in good stead

It is the feelings, desires and passions

Intellect, hate, love and compassions



No corns fields around the city

No birds to grace the horizon

The water I kept for them

In bowl Is sipped by the sun



Raja Harischandra

Is the epitome of truth

His virtues surpass

Ramayana and Mahabharath

Mother’s womb cared for us
Before we have taken birth
We have to care for Environment
In the womb of planet earth


Rosy days make us smile

Thorny days prick a while.

Tomorrow dies in today

Its spirit is yesterday.



It is only the Guru

Who can open the blind

To let the light in

To remove darkess in mind

There are educated untraceable
Mads in any organisation
Not like normal mads traceable
But they influence wrong decision


Not created by the God nor the Satan

There are only two castes in human

Race: one following clean practices

Another not following clean practices

Good thoughts are like gods

Who fight for Indra’s throne

For some time thoughts like

Truth or peace wear the crown



She lives in million forms
As mother sister wife goddess
She is the light in all forms
To enlighten us and bless us

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