Poetry is rhythmic flow of intense feelings and thoughts

To Mother, with love

Written By: Mohanchand Patil
She will not bestow boons like goddess in temple
In fields, offices, homes or schools she toils ample
She kneads the dough to feed our bellies enough
She is not Chendi with skulls or Kali in blood
But like flowers blooming  in the wild wood
Smiles in blowing wind or billowing waves
She is not fickle like Laxmi or musical like Vaani
But worships her work and prays like many
In strife and knows the art of rowing through life  

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  1. Vijayalaximi Borkar says:

    Please maintain writing. I truly love this website. I will definitely visit very often. It’s a real relief to read your poems. I will share your site with my friends.

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